Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ingrid Michaelson - Up Close and Personal


Ingrid is back!  And I'm one of the lucky few who was able to attend one of her intimate "pop-up" shows in support of the release of her new album, Human Again.  She played at Hotel Cafe in Hollywood - probably the venue I've been to the most.  I love the intimacy of Hotel Cafe.  The maximum occupancy is approximately 150, so you know you're gonna get a truly personal show. 

I can't even express how amazing this show was.  I had only downloaded her new album a couple days ago, so I didn't have too much time to learn the songs she was going to perform, but the one song I found myself listening to on repeat (and the song I almost teared up to when she played it live) is called "Ghost."  That is by far my favorite song on the album.  It's one of the most heart-wrenching breakup songs I've ever heard.  Sample lyrics:

"Do you remember when the walls fell
Do you remember the sound that the door made when you closed it on me
Do you know that I went down to the ground
Landed on both my broken-hearted knees
I didn’t even cry
'Cause pieces of me had already died"

Trust me.  It's a tear-jerker.

The most exciting part of her show?  She invited one lucky fan up on stage to sing with her.  The song is called "The Chain."  It's off one of her previous albums and I think it's safe to say that it's my favorite Ingrid song.  It's sung in a round and Ingrid only had bandmate Allie Moss with her on stage, so she needed another voice for that song.  She asked for a volunteer and only two people raised their hands.  I was one of those two people.  The thought of maybe being able to sing on stage with Ingrid Michaelson was enough to make my heart beat out of its chest.  It's always been my dream to be invited on stage to sing with one of my favorite singers.  And who did she choose to sing with her?  The other girl that raised her hand.  Yup.  Story of my life.  But that's okay.  The other girl did a great job and I was genuinely excited for her.  My day will come...sooner or later.

Ingrid played the majority of the songs on her new album, while sneaking in some old fan favorites.  She had the crowd in the palm of her hand.  (Which, incidentally, is the name of one of her new songs, "Palm of Your Hand," which was just featured in an episode of Grey's Anatomy).  I've seen Ingrid four times in concert and every time, I'm captivated.  Not only by her voice and her music, but by the stories she shares with her audience.  She's known to vamp a lot between songs, sharing funny and engaging stories and she constantly keeps the audience laughing.
Once the show was over (too soon, if you ask me), I met up with her back stage and had a really nice conversation with her.  It's actually my second time meeting her and I really love how genuine and sweet she is.  They always say "Don't meet your heroes" but with Ingrid, thankfully, I wasn't disappointed.  She was open and honest and funny and I'm so thankful that I had this opportunity to talk to her.  She's playing at the Wiltern in April and of course I already have my tickets.  After the first time I saw her in concert, I made a solemn vow to never miss Ingrid when she's in LA.  I'm sticking too that vow.

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  1. I just saw her in concert, it was sooo good!